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Explaining Round Robin Bets

Deep dive into the Round Robin betting strategy, providing a clear explanation of its principles, practical examples for easy understanding.

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Understanding Round Robin Bets

The essence of the Round Robin betting strategy lies in placing multiple parlay bets across several events simultaneously. This approach involves betting on all possible combinations for selected events, enhancing your odds of success.

The Round Robin method enables bettors to create several parlays based on chosen outcomes. For a minimum set of three events, three bets (AB + AC + BC) are placed, with the maximum number limited only by the bettor's ambition. However, seasoned bettors advise against combining more than five events to avoid creating more than ten accumulators.

A significant benefit of the Round Robin strategy is that accurately predicting outcomes for at least one combination can yield profit. For instance, if two out of three predictions are correct, one of the parlay bets will still generate a profit.

This strategy necessitates numerous bets and outcomes with higher odds since each bet combination is evaluated independently.

Step-by-Step: Placing a Round Robin Bet with Examples

To demystify the Round Robin strategy, let's examine it through a practical example. We select three NHL games: Boston vs. Washington, Pittsburgh vs. Chicago, and Vegas vs. Seattle, betting on the wins of Boston (1.82 odds), Pittsburgh (1.9 odds), and Vegas (2.23 odds). Employing the Round Robin strategy with two combinations, we place the following parlay bets, allocating €100 to each for simplicity:

  • Boston win + Pittsburgh win: 3.458 odds
  • Pittsburgh win + Vegas win: 4.237 odds
  • Boston win + Vegas win: 4.058 odds

This strategy covers all possible outcome combinations among the chosen events.

Following the games, Boston and Vegas emerge victorious, but Pittsburgh loses. The results are as follows:

  • Parlay №1: Loss
  • Parlay №2: Loss
  • Parlay №3: Win, with a €405.8 payout.

The net profit from the three parlays is €105.8, demonstrating profitability with just one successful bet. A win on the Pittsburgh bet would have further increased the net profit.

Keys to Winning with Round Robin Bets

Success with Round Robin bets hinges on at least one event combination winning enough to cover all wagered bets. This strategy offers flexibility and various outcome coverage options. However, achieving success requires accurate event analysis, selection of high-odds events, and comprehensive risk assessment.

The Upsides and Downsides of Round Robin Betting

Like any betting strategy, the Round Robin method has its pros and cons:

  • Enhanced winning chances: By covering all combinations, the likelihood of securing a win increases.
  • Flexibility and diversity: This strategy allows for experimentation with various bet combinations.
  • Requires significant investment: Multiple parlays demand a substantial bankroll.
  • Potential for losses: Incorrect predictions on several events can lead to substantial financial setbacks.

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