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Arbitrage in Sports Betting. What is it and How can you profit?

What is arbitrage? In this blog we will look at the basics of arbitrage betting and how you can profit from it.

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Table of Contents

  • 1. Understanding Arbitrage Betting
  • 2. Categorizing Arbs: Number of Outcomes
  • 3. Categorizing Arbs: Timing of the Bet
  • 4. Customizing Your Arb Filter Settings
  • 5. Expert Tips for Selecting Arbs
  • 6. Final Thoughts


Arbitrage betting, a strategy that guarantees profit regardless of the outcome, hinges on the accurate selection of bookmaker arbs. In this guide, we'll delve into how to make these selections effectively using our scanner at ArbiChat.

1. Understanding Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting, or 'arbing,' involves placing multiple bets to cover all outcomes of an event, ensuring a profit due to differences in bookmaker odds. Let's explore what arbs look like in our scanner.

2. Categorizing Arbs: Number of Outcomes

Arbs are commonly split into two outcomes (e.g., W1 - W2, TU - TO), but three-way outcomes (e.g., 1-X-2) are also prevalent. Some arbs even feature three intersecting outcomes, offering various winning scenarios. Our scanner allows users to filter arbs based on the preferred number of outcomes.

3. Categorizing Arbs: Timing of the Bet

Arbs fall into two categories based on timing: Prematch, which occurs before the event starts, and Live, happening in real-time. Prematch arbs are simpler and recommended for beginners, whereas Live arbs require quick decision-making due to rapidly changing odds.

4. Customizing Your Arb Filter Settings

Setting your arb filters is crucial before starting. Our scanner's filters allow for customization not just by the number of outcomes, but also by arb's percent, arb's age, preferred bookmakers, and sports types, ensuring you see only the most relevant arbs.

5. Expert Tips for Selecting Arbs

Here are some strategies to enhance your arb selection process: Choose popular leagues to avoid scrutiny, avoid odds that drastically differ from the market to steer clear of potential errors, and select arbs on events starting soon for quicker returns. Also, look for arbs that offer straightforward betting processes.

6. Final Thoughts

Selecting the right arbs can significantly improve your betting strategy, allowing for better bankroll management and reduced risk. By adhering to our advice, you can navigate the world of arbitrage betting more confidently.