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Getting your Account Verified in Bookmakers: What You Need to Know

How does account verification work at bookmakers? What documents do you need to provide? Learn more about the importance of real information and the verification process at bookmakers.

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Table of Contents

  • 1. Understanding Account Verification at Bookmakers
  • 2. The Verification Process Explained
  • 3. Necessary Documentation for Verification
  • 4. Address Verification Methods
  • 5. Conclusion: The Importance of Real Information


When you register at a bookmaker's site, all the data you provide may undergo a process known as verification. Its primary aim is to sift through genuine gamblers from potential fraudsters, ensuring a secure betting environment. This scrutiny, similar to practices in online retail, is a standard safeguarding measure.

1. Understanding Account Verification at Bookmakers

Account verification is an essential step initiated by bookmakers to confirm the identity and legal age of a registered gambler. This procedure aids in preventing the misuse of the platform through the creation of multiple accounts by a single user or a syndicate. Essentially, it's a security protocol to uphold the integrity of betting activities.

2. The Verification Process Explained

Bookmakers typically request a photocopy of your passport for verification. Depending on the bookmaker's policies and the amount you wish to withdraw, further documentation such as a notarized passport copy, a photograph of you holding your identification, or even a Skype interview may be required. The depth of verification can vary significantly based on the bookmaker's discretion.

3. Necessary Documentation for Verification

The verification process generally kicks in upon your first withdrawal request but can be prompted at later stages too. A standard set of documents usually suffices, yet some bookmakers go the extra mile to verify your residential address through various means.

4. Address Verification Methods

Bank statement: A document from your bank, stamped and signed, confirming your address.
Letter with a code: A less common method, where you receive a postal letter with a code to verify on the bookmaker's site.
Utility bills: Bills that display your full name and address can serve as proof of residence.

5. Conclusion: The Importance of Real Information

Verification is mandatory across all bookmaker platforms. It's a procedure designed to protect both the user and the provider by encrypting personal data securely. Concerns about misuse of personal information are largely unfounded, provided you submit accurate and truthful information. Accurate details ensure smooth verification and hassle-free withdrawal processes, enhancing your betting experience on platforms like ArbiChat.